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Innovation in Engineering

Engineering solutions with innovation and emerging new technologies

Here at AM Consulting Engineers, we are committed to building a business that is dynamic and innovative with a push towards research and development activities. We have invested in high-spec IT equipment software to ensure the team and clients benefit from the latest technology and design solutions.


Improved Design

Research & Development Opportunities

Engineering is about solving technical problems and developing next generation products and infrastructure or working out ways to keep existing assets working. Research and development in transport and urban infrastructure can include the following, which all form part of our current service offering:

Improved design by considering green materials; reducing carbon impact; focusing on energy efficient processes; and the development of sustainable drainage solutions.

Improved infrastructure design of transportation, water, or sewer and storm water networks.

Water storage and pump station design.

Bulk earthworks design, improving cut fill quantities, site drainage and material selection methods.

Development of sustainable drainage solutions, e.g., green space design, retention and detention facilities or permeable paving solutions.

Replacement of old pipe infrastructure using new methods e.g., Pipe Cracking, Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP), lining of existing pipes or improved Horizontal drilling methods for pipe replacement.

We have also added a Geotechnical Engineering Division to our service offering. Geotechnical Engineering is a branch of civil engineering concerned with the engineering behaviour of earth materials, which has potential to harness research and development opportunities, such as:

Advances in geotechnical investigation or treatment of ground contamination and land reclamation.

Advances in structural groundworks, e.g., piling, retaining systems, or tunnelling methods, constructing in difficult sites or ground conditions requiring adaptation to standard construction methods.

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New Advancements

Our Team is also keen to explore opportunities afforded by the continued advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), as well as Construction Sequencing; and Value Engineering to optimise the design and build process. Check out our recent blogs for more information.